• Lauren Brown

6 Reasons Why Facebook Events is an Amazing Tool!

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Nowadays there are so many different types of tools on social media. It's hard to know which ones are even worth your time! Facebook is such a useful platform. One underestimated tool is their Events tool. This tool is wonderful for social media marketing for many reasons.

1. It is FREE. You can always run an event on Facebook for free. You can also choose to boost your event through Facebook advertising but other than that it is completely free.

2. Selling tickets for your event on Eventbrite? Luckily, Facebook Events makes it super easy to link directly and sell tickets through Eventbrite.

3. Possibly my favorite one! Every time someone RSVP's to your event, it shares it to their followers. This is an awesome way to gain more traction for your event! For example, if a person replies that they’re interested or mark themselves as attending, it shows up in their friend's news feed. This allows for your event to go to more people.

4. You can add co-hosts to the event. This is great if there are several businesses putting the event on together. This means that it can easily be shared with a combined following of all of the hosts! The more people that see it, the better!

5. You can market anytime of event on Facebook Events. Yes, even online events! It's truly perfect for any event. You can market free events or sell tickets for paid events.

6. Last but not least, Facebook Events automatically sends reminders. Life gets busy and sometimes and people forget about events. It's great that Facebook automatically does it for you. It's one less thing you have to remember!

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